An idea to help us ecah other to give visibility to non viewed images

Hi wall!

I had this idea, which I shared with some friends and fellow photographers in FB and I have thought to put it here, if anyone is interested.

The idea is the next:

I have thought that we all could help each other to promote our less visible pics by adding into our collections. For example, I have a glass of milk, if someone has a food or drinks collection could ad ot it, I have a objects isolated in black or white collection, if you have objects with no views I can add them. Just tell what collections do you have and what pictures don't have views, in this way we could help us ecah other ;) what do you think?.

You can put the images (the ones with less views) numbers in the comments if they fit in any of my collections.

I'm putthing here my less viewed images, if you have a collection in which it can fit, you can add them!

My images with less views:

If you have a collection where it can fit some of these, add it!

These are my public collections, if someone wants to add pics with zero or few views tell me the number and I'll add

Money and coins


Objects isolated in white or black

Bread and wheat

Animals! Dog, cat,hamster mailnly, but also many other type of animals and mammals


Beach, sea and sand


Fruits and food


Nature, green and landscapes

Photo credits: Titania1980.

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hi Ingrid! would love it if you can add some of my photos to your collection.. here are some for beach sand and sea 24707034, 24287511, 24016647, 24016643 ,23718368, and here are some for animals...23352232, 23352222, 21114662 24180962, 24616336

also here are 3 for fire and waterfalls.. i get lots of views but not sales! 24180939, 24016700, 23452949

I am attempting to start some collections on my page so please watch my posts once I figure out how to do it and I will add some of yours! thanks!


I would love to be in your Bread collection. Hope you like this loaf of rye bread [imgr]http://www.21028049[/imgr] 21028049 Thanks.


I added two of your images, to my collections. ID 11124940 has been added to my collection of building reflections and 5397813 has been added to my collection the Underground World.

Grateful if you would like to add the following two images to your fruits and food collection: 20612121 and 20513287. Many thanks!


Hi! That' a great idea, unfortunately so far I don't have any collections on my own. Nevertheless, maybe you want to add some of my pictures into your collections...
Nature, greens, landscapes: 19305399 / 19176869 / 18903436 / 19814661
Fruits, food: 19412624 / 19724677 / 19724748 / 17898286 / 18304063 / 19725699
Animals: 18914350
Flowers: 19177350 / 19412624

Many thanks!


yep great idea Ingrid .(((H)))


Good idea. Unfortunately none of pictures you posted could be added to my collections. On the other hand you can consider my picture ID 19957228 for your Beach, sea and sand collection, especially that you don't really have that kind of beach there.


A good idea.

My figures of isolated on white are :

My collections are:

Banana Flower

Glass Bottles


Yes, Ingrid, like Mani said, great idea.


Great idea Ingrid! I will have a look at my collections & my less viewed files ;)


Great idea! Grateful if you can add my following images to your collections:
15356450 : Flowers
16557387: Fruits and Food
16557285, 16557272, 16467967: Beach, Sea and Sand
15439471, 15391819: Nature, Green, Landscapes

My collections are the following:
Night vision: Urban Landscape in Europe
Building Reflections
Architectural Marvels of Madrid
Moorish Architecture
Architecture of Amsterdam
Architectural wonders of Iran

Many thanks, Caroline

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