Ideas - no ideas

Hi you dream(s)timers!

What do you do if you don't have any idea what to shoot? How do you get back your creativity?

Photo credits: Cristalloid.

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I get back to my old images sets or pics from vacations, browse DT...


when I have no ideas i`m making pictures to my girlfriend ( sleeping, eating, drinking, walking...etc) until she gets sick of me and hits me in the head...and that`s how I get ideas! :P


Just pick up your camera and just let the idea find you.

I eat sleep and drink photography, so ideas are not my problem. My problem is not dreaming about photography when I am sleeping , lol.
I suggest you just don't TRY too hard LOOKING for ideas to shoot. It's just like anything in our daily lives , you have to let it find you; the more you try , the less it appears. And also, even if you "succeed" in "trying to find ideas", your images will look faked, or too contrived.

Found images are always the most natural. It's as different as our left brain from our right brain ie analytical vs emotional. And for photography, the emotional must rule. Or else, it becomes as boring as arithmetic or accounting :)
P.S. I come from an Accounting family, that's why I find it boring , lol. I am the black sheep of the family. The only poor one too, lmao.


I did not had this problem till now.....i have a "ideas factory" :)


I shoot a very simple thing. Anything..If you think it is a very simple thing than check for some samples.

You will see that it is not so easy to shoot a very simple thing :)


You have to wait, wait and wait.... until it´s over! :( I hate it like everybody so much, when there are no ideas. Maybe we all should try out what Cednik said... :)))


I guess we all do a little of the reviewing old images. You never know when a new idea will pop up. Actually, I am hoping a few will pop up soon, been stuck in a rut for a while now.


@ Cednik: I just had a look into your portfolio... I come to the conclusion that you must be drunken very often.... so many good pics and ideas *hehe*


I dig in the old pictures, search which I can re-process. Usually find 2-3 images which can move from trash to treasure. Also can re-keyword something, then go travel - outside my city or within.


When Iam drunk I have the best ideas, sometimes little crazy, but still better than nothing hha.


Happens with all! I guess breaking the routine helps healing this. Something like giving your camera a short vacation from you, when you miss it you'll find yourself loaded with ideas :)


I often go back to old pictures, mainly when I had a bad quality camera, to see what can I shoot again... And also I carry my camera everywhere just to see what else I can get, when opportunity hits me.

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