Ideas for photos

Seem to be stuck in a rut of only taking Holiday photos - as the time of year.

I am kinda getting sick and was wondering of some ideas to switch it up.

Thanks and happing shooting!

Photo credits: Maczuga.

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April 14, 2010


Set up a studio in your house, get a large white cloth or any background that is plain . Get some studio light, or if you don't have that, set it up where the window or sky light is perfect for a complete lighting .
then get your dog to do things ,... roll over,etc.. and get into the picture yourself. do self portraits, like I do... (all the male model you see in my portfolio is me).
learn from others who sell alot of dog photos, and shoot like them.
eg. giving your dog a bath, giving your dog a manicure,etc..
all these have sale potential.
in my city, dog grooming is a big business. imagine what you would need if you have a dog grooming business, and ask yourself, "now, what types of photos with a shaggy dog do I need if I wanted to put an ad in the papers or a poster for my store?"
get your brains working on this project, and grab your camera.
also, since you have lots of outdoor space, you can even set up a makeshift studio with a clean background. Clear skies are super for photography. All you need is to get something to give you a clean background .

March 11, 2010


Thanks smartview27!

December 16, 2009


Happy shooting to you too!

December 15, 2009


Make shots of what you feel... Sock, bored, fed up, happy, sad, joining others, indivdual activities.... These are also ideas :))

December 15, 2009


Check out this thread for some 'holes' in the database:

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