Ideas for some positive fun while staying at home

Yes, there is gloom everywhere, yes it is not cool to be stuck indoors, locked out from everything and everyone. But despite all the negativity that this virus has bought with it, there is hope and there are traces of positivism. It is this positivism that we shall hold on to and recover to a fresh new world. A world that has revived and healed itself. Given the break from the burning of fuels and our unsatiated thirst for things, the world is expected to be a little bit clearer and cleaner.

Mural in art classroom

As creators and appreciators of art, we have an opportunity here to get some fresh ideas into our thought processes, our lives and our portfolios. Let me share what I feel that we can do in order to make the best of this time. [ There are a million ways to spend quality time, but I will stick with art and photography in this blog :-) ]

Make more art: As we have more time at hand, we can get into those detailed illustrations we always wanted to create, those awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping compositions we wanted to make that would win awards! So let's get to it now! You thought you never had time to add more to your portfolio or make that great new design you were thinking of way back? Now is the time!

Learn more art: If you are far from creating really jaw-dropping stuff, learn it! Online courses all over the web, free and paid, to help you go! Learning never goes wrong. Your new skills will open new possibilities. Already an illustrator, learn photography! No camera? why not your phone?

Submit more content: Upload those photos and illustrations that you are yet to. Now is the time you can keyword, sort, arrange and create lightboxes!

Fashion model art fantasy fire dress, blindfolded woman dreams

Learn to shoot the boring stuff: They say if you can photograph masterpieces in your boring old place, you can do it anywhere. So go and find new angles, colors, interest on the corner of your wall. Find life in your garden, still life of a tomato or the high-speed action of your favorite video game (of course it may go as editorial when submitting due to copyrights!). How about water dripping from that tap? How about your dog nibbling away at a chewable? How about the beautiful texture on your patio that you always overlooked. All of them have some serious selling potential, especially when combined with skill and photoshop. Don't know photoshop much? Now is the time to learn.

Do nothing and let your mind wander: Sometimes, it is much more creative to let your mind wander than make it busy in a book! Let it find new ideas, think of new ways and find new solutions or just drift into the art of thinking. You never know what you will stumble upon!

So go on.. get creative... doing something or nothing at all!

Photo credits: Inara Prusakova, Ken Cole.

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March 30, 2020


I love this, thanks so much.  It's so true that we should find the positive in this, and there are many.  If you really look around you will see things differently.  Appreciate the time to take a step back from the hectic lives we live, slow down and find the beauty in things that we take for granted every day.  

March 26, 2020



March 26, 2020


Boring is as boring does. A trained and in form (ie well exercised and toned) eye will find art anywhere. Great comment about thinking; now there's an almost lost art!

March 26, 2020


Positive thinking like yours will surely see us sail through these testing times! Thanks for your comments!

March 26, 2020


I do agree with William's comment...although I can add to that by saying a good 'CONCEPTUAL' photographer can see past the boring and dull and see the potential for something greater!

March 26, 2020


Very nice! A good photographer doesn't really see any "boring stuff"... a good photographer can find interest in anything! And a lazy photographer... well, a lazy photographer doesn't make anything of the boring stuff. Doesn't even get out to see it. Thanks for a great article! William 

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