If at first you don't succeed

A question was raised recently in one of the blog articles I read, whether or not a rejected file should be re-submitted once it had been rejected. The image shown below was one of those images that at first, was rejected, and then resubmitted once the corrections had been made according to the DT editors recommendations. Not that I have many bragging rights when it comes to sales figures, but this image is now my best selling image (2 sales in a short time online – told you I don’t have brag rights), so therefore I would say yes, resubmit if you are confident the image can be corrected according to the recommendations, and if at first you don’t succeed, try again :0)

Photo credits: Fultonsphoto.

Your article must be written in English



Thanks guys, That's good to know seeing as i am just starting out


WOW!! Congratulations! I have been able to fix quite a few rejected images lately and resubmit them - it's a good feeling when they finally go online!


Thanks Maigi, and no it does not help for all cases, just the ones where composition or lighting etc are concerned.


It's a very good advice. If you CAN fix your image according to reviewer's suggestion, that's the best thing you can do. Fix it and upload again. That's the point of suggestions. Of course you can't fix images, what are rejected for out of focus or well covered subject reasons, though the latter you can use in composite images, if you like to make such images. Good article!

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