If you care ... please share!

Hi, I am facing this problem when i am uploading my Illustration Images, do you?

Kindly read this Message then Analyze:

"Should you have an additional format (vector, RAW) to upload for this file, you can continue here."

I wonder,

Why we can't upload Additional Format (vector, RAW) using the FTP upload?

I wonder,

Why we have to upload Additional Format (vector, RAW) using the regular upload, one by one?

I wonder,

Why i have to lose (1-3) minutes with every illustration image that i uploaded, just to upload additional format?

Please Dreamstime make it sense, Why to use this complicated procedure?

Everybody, if you care ... please share!


Photo credits: Nabeel Zytoon.

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April 14, 2009


Some other agencies let you upload JPGs and additional formats through FTP. The condition is that they are required to have the same file name. Somehow their systems will place the additional formats together with the JPGs. It might be something for DT to consider.

April 14, 2009


They work with it, hope it done soon ;)

February 03, 2009


We´ll like to have THE SAME ANSWER! We have just started to upload illustrations and it´s really a tedious procedure.
If you find a response of DT team please let us know. Thanks!!

January 30, 2009



I was just wondering the same... Did you find the answer to your question? Is uploading additional format files 1 by 1 the only option?



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