If you don't ask, you don't get !!

So a couple of weeks ago I had a very rare free day. This presented itself as an opportunity to head out with my camera. I decided to head out to my local city center Birmingham, England to see what shots I could come up with.

After strolling about I came across a new super car dealers showroom. I saw a beautiful yellow Lamborghini Gallardo in the window and took a quick shot of it through the glass before I carried on with my walk when I was hit with an idea. What's the worst that could happen if I asked to have some time to shoot these amazing cars?? So I walked back to find all the doors locked for security and a intercom system on the wall. I rang it and asked to speak with the manager who to my surprise was quite interested in photography. So after a little chat and the promise to send him a few copies of my shots ( low res jpeg's ), he allowed me as much time as I needed to wonder around the showroom on my own taking shots of a number of super cars including the $200,000 Ferrari 458 Coupe.

I now have many great shots to process and a good collection of super car shots to use in composites in the future. I made what I thought to be the most of my time by shooting the cars in many angles, close up detail, abstract shots etc. All this from something I almost walked straight past, so if your out and about I would offer you this advice, If you don't ask, you don't get!! Plus don't forget to carry your model releases with you just in case a shot comes together in front of you, many people would be happy to sign one fro the offer of a free picture to use on their social media outlets.

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September 09, 2012



Yes! That's how I got this image and many more. Also I was let into a train yard last year that had serious NO TRESPASSING signs all over it. People are usually nice if you ask.

June 29, 2012


I loose many oportunities only because i dont ask, to. :(

June 29, 2012


No worries :-)

June 17, 2012


Wow, thanks for the advice! Set out now for asking every second car show I bump into, and maybe more :)))

June 12, 2012


At first I thought these are toy cars on the wooden table. LOL Great pics, inspiring story! Thank you for sharing!

June 10, 2012


Great that you made the opportunity arise! Fantastic shots too.

June 08, 2012


Thanks :-)

June 08, 2012


great photos:)

June 07, 2012


No worries guys :-)

June 07, 2012


Great blog, thanks for sharing. :))

June 07, 2012


good idea :)

June 06, 2012


Good advice!!

June 06, 2012


Very good advice, Brett! I actually did get a complete stranger to sign a model release once. You gotta ask if you want to receive.

June 06, 2012


Thanks everyone :-)

June 06, 2012


Good idea and fantastic italian cars!!!

June 06, 2012


Great advice and images Brett.

June 06, 2012


You are absolutely right!!! Nice images

June 05, 2012


Great pictures.
Thanks for sharing.

June 04, 2012


Yes thanks. Guilty of walking past many good opportunities myself because "I don't like to ask." Will remember these great images and try and change my bad habit :).

June 04, 2012


Great images, as a friend of mine always says "what's the worst that could happen if you already a have a NO in your pocket".

June 04, 2012


I absolutely loved the red Ferrari! Background and everything looks so nice to me...I sometimes act like a torist to get permission in my own country :)) thanks for reminding some useful social tricks of photography...

June 04, 2012


I was wondering about those shots. Thought they must have been models. ;-) Good point, often a camera and the right amount of gumption can open doors.

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Photo credits: Brett Critchley.