If you had the opportunity.....

If you had the opportunity to photography any celebrity.. who would they be, why would you choose them, and what surroundings would you choose as your location.


Robery Downey Jr..

~He has alot of character

~In a run down pool hall

Jack Black

~ Again.. character

~ At a remote island somewhere

Photo credits: Hkratky, Konstantin32.

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September 03, 2008


Well I am going to go with someone that is famous for what she did cause I do not consider her a celebrity. It would be Dian Fossey if she was still alive today with her Mountain Gorillas. The reason I would pick her to photograph is because she was an amazing woman that fought for what she believed in which was protecting the Mountain Gorillas which eventually lead to her death. She is an inspiration to me and that is why I would of loved to have photographed her.

September 02, 2008


bill cosby in the library of congress and i would want to do it in black and white.

for two reasons. i think he is a very neat man who loves education and i have been to washington 3 times, stayed at least a week each time and never made it inside the library of congress.. :-(

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