If you're having a bad day, let's enjoy animal life

Sometimes we can see that animals in the wild are mostly like us and we can laugh at ourselves watching their behavior. This time I dedicated my day to elephant seals, watching different attitudes

Why not showing off

or may be the belly now? Nails prepared for it

And now ... What

Better scratching again cause its too hot. Human strangers looking as if I were an alien.

I better get some rest with my friends

All these were taken at Punta Ninfas, Patagonia, Chubut. It has been not also fun but but windy and hot day. I admire there peace , I admire them as a scientist. These peaceful afternoon was full of joy and understanding. Thank you to my models for transferring that peace to my soul and made my day

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April 09, 2015


TY Mariayunira for posting. Good luck for u to! :)

March 18, 2015


Owchh...look at their eyes...totally cute..!! Thanks for sharing those peaceful shots.. Good luck on sales! :)

December 08, 2014


TY Oliena for posting. I am glad you enjoy it

December 08, 2014


Amazing pictures and really great post to make a not very perfect day little better. Thanks! :)

December 07, 2014


Tysm for your comments Gretes, Arim44 and Physi
Good luck with your sales

December 07, 2014


a really funny sequence of pictures!

December 06, 2014


Great Images, good luck with sales!

December 06, 2014


So great photos of nice animals :-))) Very peaceful :)

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Photo credits: Alina62.