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Hi Everyone,

I was very happy when I saw an advertisement saying "You could earn up to $2000" a month from your holiday photos. Was very eager and started reading the complete article. At end of the article, they asked me $99 for opening my account and providing me tips!! Found it little suspicious and checked their Facebook account and there were many guys like me who were checking any existence of this company.

In a way, I should be thank full to that fraudster, because, I realised, there is a market for the photos we have in our phone. Then I asked Mr. Google and got a list of companies doing this.

Went through most of the websites, and found dreamstime is very interesting!

Since now, I clicked photos through my phone just for fun. From now on, whenever I turn on the camera, on back of my head, will remember "dreamstime" and will try to click better picture!

Boat house

Link for my profile


Thank you all

Photo credits: Kathirr.


camera photos

Your article must be written in English

October 15, 2014


Thank you Mr David

October 15, 2014


Thank you Mr Gmargittai

October 15, 2014


$2000 per month is fantasy unless you are a top professional or a genius.
A more modest figure will give most folk sufficient reward and more important, motivation to improve the quality of their images. David

October 15, 2014


You are on your way to make $2000 a month and more. Good luck.

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