Igor and Lany Grishin's master class on processing of wedding photos

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On September, 9th in Volgograd has passed Igor and Lany Grishin's master class on processing of wedding photos. As the founder of Internet-photomagazine I will share the emotions and opinions.

1. Why I there have gone.

Each wedding photographer faced that during a season many photos collect. Besides, it is necessary to give all photos in time. Processing of photographings very often borrows even more time, than photographing. Igor and Lany Grishin's Master class gave the chance to learn packs to process a photo from all wedding.

Naturally, as to the photographer it is very interesting to me. After all it work increases EFFICIENCY of yours, and time are money (I think all photographers of it perfectly know).

2. That organizers promised

Promised to give actions for a photoshop which will accelerate processing. As I thought it actions which will simply give any effects: for example toning.

3. That has made with me a seminar!

It not to describe words! The seminar has surpassed all my expectations! At once in the beginning of a seminar to us have given out small gifts! It was very pleasant! Pleasant conditions - all has made this seminar magnificent!

The Master class lead Igor, he has told about a wedding photo as as it is better to do. The theme about that has been mentioned even, how many it is necessary to give to the client of photos. He/she is the magnificent person! For me its advice have appeared invaluable! Further was it is in detail told about the processing of photos how to accelerate the process, what programs to use, as them to set up! All to trifles!

After a seminar at me the approach to wedding photographing, to processing of pictures has completely changed, even dialogue with clients became perfect other! Also to us have given out actions which allow to accelerate processing in tens times!

I wish to express huge gratitude to Igor and Lana! You have done invaluable work! You experts!

I wish to notice that in their organisation "FotoLana" the well-known photographers, such as process Joe Bjussink.

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