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Hello ,

I need your help people, could you tell me your opinion how I could improve my latest illustration


thanks in advance

Photo credits: Akvileja.

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August 06, 2013


You have ttwo possibilities to improve it. The first one is add face details, the second one is something like this image, in which all details about body are black (hair, skin etc)
Another idea is adding a background

August 06, 2013


ditto on the face and feet...a buyer that cannot complete the illustration won't use it. Give her a face and play with the colours...perhaps red and white dots on the handbag instead of orange. Red dress, smiling face and maybe a sun hat or something...make it eye catching ;-)

August 06, 2013


I wish she had a face! to me.. its too generic and without features, kind of like a ghost. also it bothers me the feet are cut off... in photography rules, you never cut off feet at the ankles.

August 05, 2013


Hey, well I think that your image is just great, you need no correction for this image.
great job!

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