Illustration: how to create fresh view on wide-spread topic

All the best-seller contributors create artworks almost at the same topics: business, holidays, shopping etc. It is understood because these topics are commercial (that's why we all are here:). But what to do if you decide to draw something extremely new on very common subject?

I'll tell you my story about my horoscope series. The first step in my approach is analysis. Sometimes it takes a lot of your precious time to look through 50, 100 and sometimes 300 pages to discover all the artworks that cover the subject. The interesting thing is that according to the famous law 20/80 only 20% of artworks differ and represent really fresh point of view. The other 80% look like each other. But the more interesting thing is that sometimes those individual masterpieces have fewer downloads.

Nevertheless, I reviewed all the existing works on horoscope topic. First decision you can take is according to the colour. My first horoscope icons divided twelve signs as to their nature (fire, water, air or earth).

My second horoscope series includes violet for background and golden for the symbol. Violet is very mysterious colour, it is always connected with space and night sky. Gold makes impression of richness. The second decision should be about background. It MUST be complex and different in each picture. You can change the amount of elements, the angle of their position or their colour.

My third series for horoscopes was green glowing zodiac sign against dark green background. I created twelve separate signs with the same simple background and my works were rejected. Thus I put all the glowing signs in one work because I didn't want to lose unique visual style. Don't repeat my mistake: spend some time to create different backgrounds in large series of illustrations.

My fourth approach was connected with watercolour. I decided to create four different artistic backgrounds for each group of elements: turquoise and lilac for water (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, red and orange for fire (Aries, Leo, Saggitarius), yellow and brown for ground (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), blue and violet for air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). The signs are also fulfilled in these colours.

Also I tried to create horoscope background in ink. Here you can see the results.

So often the new unique decision comes when you try new techniques and search for new approaches. You get brilliant idea in your mind after hours of looking for the answer. Wish everybody inspiration and fresh beautiful artworks!

Photo credits: , Olyashevchenko.

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July 28, 2009


So creative !

July 28, 2009


The choice of soft colours looks brilliant and are very easy on the eye,great images well done.

July 27, 2009


I appreciate your evaluation:) Thanks!

July 26, 2009


Great variety in your images! They should do very well :0)

July 26, 2009


Lovely work and nice colours! Cheers :)

July 26, 2009


great post and work

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