illustration or photograph is selling most in DT

illistration or photograph is selling most in DT

i am an illustrator basically. But i know photography too. So am planning to buy a DSLR soon.....

or only concentrate in illustrations.

Photo credits: , Orangee.

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September 02, 2009


Well as a buyer we buy more photos, and less illustrations. Illustrations we buy for most of the advertisements and images goes for our magazines. And as im both, somehow I feel like im making more money through illustrations as most of them download additional formats. i.e. like one illustration in additional format is as good as 25 regular images.

So i suggest do more illustrations as very few people do illustrations, say the ratio is 1:200 so you have less competition nd more money.

September 02, 2009


I agree with Brad. I also think it all depends on what works best for the project a buyer is working on.

September 02, 2009


I think it mostly depends on how good you are at one or the other. If you look at the top 20 sellers on DT they are all photos - but that doesn't mean there aren't illustrations that are excellent sellers... There are contributors that just do illustrations that do very well here.

September 02, 2009


As a contributor I'm an illustrator but as a buyer I buy photos!
But like we say in Portugal never say never!
Nice portfolio ;)

September 02, 2009


You're nice fruit family! Keep doing what you like! Your illustrations are great!

September 02, 2009


but i have good sales for my illustration

September 02, 2009


i think photograph. but am an illustrator...
nice images

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