Illustration submission (starters Handbook)

Starting up with illustrations to earn money is such an exciting thought . But when you first get started problems start to hit you hard , if you are an expert in illustrator be happy about it and promptly respond to rejections and within one or two rejections you are on your way....

here are some possible issues and possible solutions .


Which formats are accepted?

weather you are working with illustrator 8--CS3 or any while submitting what matters is to submit an EPS illustrator 8 file

Reason:- readable by most of the users , and doesnt give problems in print with colours.

How to :- File > save as > (dropdown) eps> file name >save

Dialogue box opens >>>>>

Version> illustrator 8 eps

Format > tiff 8 bit >

selcetion > transparent

transparency > preserve paths


What are open paths?

Those of you who dont know it already you might want to check this out open paths?


Download these plugins before you start working for stock imagery they are a MUST

Download open paths plugin

| Download Close paths Script

Expanding appearence

If your images conists of strokes and lines they need to be expanded into fills , as strokes are mostly open paths.

Object> expand appearence

Expand strokes

now select all> ungroup (as your strokes are expanded but they have an invisible stroke path grouped to it)

select> object > open paths >

here make sure that it does only select your strokes if there are other open paths as well unselect them and then hit delete to get rid of that stroke path

Cleaning up

considering your illustration is done

you better clean it up for submission

considering you have installed all the mentioned plugins

select > Object > Open paths

file > scripts > other scripts > browse to the location of close selected path plugin and run it

Voila clean closed paths

save a copy

file save as > eps > illustrator 8

always save a copy !

so this is your all cleane file for submission , save rejection time follow this up and start earning quickly :)

Photo credits: Iportret, One8edegre.

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October 28, 2011


Download Close paths Script

it is not working :(

April 12, 2011


Excellent tutorial. Thanks :)

April 12, 2011


Useful tutorial!

November 06, 2007


Great, it works. I am very happy with your help.

What did I do wrong? I selected the open paths, then choose expand appearence, then I did not see the 2nd expand-option (that's grey before). Now I did, thank you!!

Regards, Ivonne

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