illustrations of animals

Today I wish to tell you about illustrations of animals

As it is a lot of them, I will choose the most successful images and I will a little tell about them.

Horse is a one of the first friends to the person which has been tamed in an extreme antiquity. And despite the fact that what in a century of scientific and technical progress its position has changed it continues to remain our true assistant and the friend. The person can admire horses tirelessly. Their grace, ease of movements, a powerful jump don't leave everybody indifferent. At each breed of horses has the distinguishing feature only to it an inherent exterior let alone character and temperament

The power and force of a lion covered with legends. For cruel habits of a predator its called king of animals more correctly. A lion is a huge predator with a strong, flexible, mobile and brawny body. He well runs. It's a big predatory cat who possesses well developed muscles of a neck and front paws which it grasps and keeps the its prey.

Leopard is very skilled hunter not only at home on trees but also on open places where it is the most widespread kind from all large cats. it has the spotty skin with small spots on the head standing out against a brown background. Stains of the big size decorate a belly and paws. There is one distinguishing feature distinguishing leopards from other big cats: it is a habit to carry prey on a tree. Thus their food remains in safety and won't get to predators conflicting and competing with a leopards, a lions and a hyenas.

Tiger is very strong cat with a powerful brawny body allowing it overcome successfully even with the big victim. Its hinder legs are longer than forelegs. At the expense of it he easily jumps on the victim. Its big claws and a powerful, brawny humeral belt allows to grasp extraction so, that it does not have chances of rescue. As well as at all cat's, at a tiger short jaws, at the expense of it force of capture increases many times over. The striped skin of a tiger serves it as a good camouflage in woods and a bush, and thanks to soft small pillows on paws it moves almost silently.

Photo credits: , Indos82.

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