Illustrations of emotions of businessmen

Hi everyone.

Today I would like to show my illustrations of emotions of businessmen! It only the beginning. Further I plan to make them much.

Business concerns a kind of voluntary activity of the businessmen connected with raised danger and risks. Modern business activity is characterised by high speed of the decision-making, having long-term consequences. The modern electronic technologies using the Internet, allow to carry out business operations with the virtual partners removed from a producer of production on as much as big distances. Without dependence from the countries of their stay, that is practically worldwide. Well-known, that business activity is interfaced to interactions of people. Also it is subordinated to ethics rules, observance of traditions and national mentality. Businessmen is producers of production and services (owners of business) and hired managing directors is managers should possess certain I.Q.

Thus, emotions of businessmen work for the good of business. It helps with work

The main function of emotions consists that thanks to emotions we understand each other is better. We can, not using speech to judge conditions each other and it is better to be adjusted on joint activity and dialogue. For example remarkable fact that the people belonging to different cultures are capable to perceive and estimate unmistakably human face expressions, to define on it such emotional conditions, as pleasure, anger, grief, fear, disgust, surprise.

If to consider emotions in the appendix to business that they are necessary in all cases when people work with people. If the programmer sits and the program writes or the operator data in base gets silently in a corner there, are at it emotions or not is its private affair. As soon as there is a contact situation: with the client, the colleague, the head, the contractor is emotions are necessary.

People work with people! If wish to work well that work emotionally

On the other hand healthy emotions are necessary to business: a ambitions, a passion, a empathy, a healthy aggression, a business rage, pleasure of a victory, etc. Bad emotions are counter-indicative to business: insults, melancholy and moaning, hatred, a despair, hysterics etc. But they exist, ideal people do not happen. With it it is necessary to work constantly.

It is necessary to find the emotional balance necessary for a business situation. So live and learn ;)

P.S. All illustrations shown here have additional .eps format. By means of it we can easily change a picture for your needs. Come into my portfolio, there are many various illustrations on the given subjects

Photo credits: Indos82.

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