Illustrations of sportsmen against various flags

Hi all.

Today I would like to show you a series of vector illustrations on sports theme.

I very much love sports and all that is connected with it. However I most of all love football. Very interesting and fascinating game which has won a considerable quantity of hearts of people of all world. But except football there are more many other kinds of sports.

Here this love also has induced me to creation of some illustrations.

This series consist of fourteen files. Against flags of the various countries are shown various see sports which as much as possible correspond to this country.

I wish to show you all illustrations and I will a little describe six first as I have not enough time.

The first file shows the American football player against a flag. The given game is very popular in the United States Americas, to the poet in a role of a background I have chosen a flag of this country.

The following illustration is the hockey player against the Canadian flag.

Basically hockey is extended in multitheir countries of the world, but my choice all the same has stopped on the Canadian flag. But the flag can be changed easily using a file in a format.eps which will be added to all by it to fourteen files in a week.

The following file is the football player against a flag of the Great Britain. I have chosen this background because of that that Englishmen were founders of this game.

It followed by a vector illustration the windsurfer against Australia flag.

Then I have shown the car of the formula 1 against a flag of Monaco. In this state ideal it is expensive to carrying out of competitions in city streets.

Further I have not time to describe. It is time to go.

I hope, that I could make the small description.

Thank you for your time.

Photo credits: , Indos82.

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May 22, 2008



May 21, 2008


nice work. Good luck with the series.

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