illustrator Challenge

I have set myself a target of creating 90 illustrations in 15 days ... i am not quite sure if i will accomplish it you can read about it right here My Blog

Photo credits: One8edegre.

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Yes I did check the Vault - great stuff. I only had time to look at a few things - I will be exploring it more later in the week, and will probably do another little blog article too. Saw your comment on my blog - just gotta Love those Lips! Has that very cool almost Andy Warhol look to them.


you might also consider paying a visit to my other blog i am so glad for your positive and encouraging comments!


Thanks for your response. I have read much of the info on making "editable and portable eps 8 files" but could never get a straight answer on the meshes. I have linked your blog off mine as a good learning site and later today will write a little feature about your work. Nice stuff!


Dear Niagaragirl , I have successfully used meshes and saved at eps files ... version 8 that might also depend upon your details , but it has worked fine with me....


Question for you since you are good at this. If I incorporate some gradient meshes, do they transfer over properly to an EPS 8 compatible file? I don't plan on a lot of them for one illustration I am working on, just two rather simple meshes. Thanks in advance. Have never been able to get a straight answer on this before.


Nice blog you have. I wish you great luck. Whipping out illustrations is easy. Whipping out GOOD illustrations like the ones you have is hard!


That's a great challenge. Go-go!

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