Im loving this.

The last day of 2012. I still remember the day like it was yesterday. The time was ten in the morning, and I was cuddling my (at that moment) 6 month old son, while trying to get pictures with my Nikon 9100. I failed, and the compact fell to the ground. Lens locked, screen totally smashed....

My girlfriend thought I would get mad as hell, because getting images of my son in playfull moments was something (and ofcourse still is) something I took dead serious. My son is my everything. But the falling camera made me realise something at that spot, while I was holding that cute smiling noisy boy. And it was maybe the biggest lesson Ive ever gotten: Nothing is more important then having fun in everything you do.

While that big lesson was still shaking my brain around in my head, the bank called. The employee wanted to be sure that the huge (in my eyes) ammount of money realy was for me. It was. I just won a courtcase. So the employee put it all through, and within an hour from that moment I found myself in front of a display, bearing the big 5 shapes I always adored. No, not the letters from Nikon, although the 9100 never failed me and I loved it. No I always shot slr's from Canon. (But were broken or I had to sell) And in front of me, all wet from my driblle and drewl, was a 6d. My new body was awaiting for me! Through the whole shopping proces together with my son, I tried to put the just learned lesson to action. I had as much fun as I could, running through the shop with my son on my back, or under my arms like he was flying. He loved it, I loved it.

With the huge box under my arms I walked out of the shop. Now I could start again with doing what I love most: catching light. And Ive been doing that for a few years now, receiving emails from several websites every week with an assignment in it and trying to get as close as possible. Some times I get it all right, other times I totally blew it. But its fun and its providing me a lot of lessons on how to or how not to do something.

And now I got my gf hooked to this as well. When we get out for a walk of a amusementpark with the kids, she keeps telling me "He, thats something for DT. Go try it". And I love that. It makes me happy, I learn loads of stuff and I can play with the most expensive big boy toy Ive ever had. My precious 6d :-)

I love doing this.

To all of you, provinding tips/feedback/how-to's through these blogs: THANK YOU! Im learning loads from you!




Photo credits: Robert Wiggers.
Robert Wiggers
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Having fun is the most important thing in life. If its not fun to do, then dont do it. Or make it fun. You always have a choice.

I shoot for fun. I choose to.

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June 19, 2013

Loved reading your bog. I hope you keep having FUN! Good luck!


June 18, 2013

Nice story and beautiful images.


June 16, 2013

Beautiful images, congratulations!


June 16, 2013

Nice!Congrats and good luck in sales!


June 15, 2013

cool shots! keep up the good work. good luck and many sales.


June 15, 2013

Beautiful pictures, I wish you good luck!


June 15, 2013

Nice shots!!!


June 15, 2013

Photographing nature and the species that inhabit it is wonderful. Congratulations :-9


June 15, 2013

Lucky guy, to have a son and now a new camera to keep your outlook young and adventurous.


June 15, 2013

I agree - without fun in what we are doing - what's the point?
Congrats to the 6D and special congrats to the 40mm pancake - I love that lens ;) --- ideal for amusement parks