im starting college next tuesday cant wait :)

hello everyone just to say im starting my new journey in photography next tuesday as a mature student next Tuesday really looking forward to it although i feel a little nervous as i have not been in any formal training for over 12 years now.i am self taught in a lot of various skills ranging from computers to DIY but this is my passion that i would like to make a profession.anyone else have these dreams or have you made them a reality , i would like to know.i have a lot to learn but when you enjoy your hobby its not a chore to learn more is it.any advice on what to expect for me would be much appreciated. regards jason.

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October 12, 2007


Haaa! What to expect? parties, fun, tons of studying, library trips, sleepless nights, clubbing....yey!
Kidding :P. I guess you need to arm yourself with loads of patience, willingness to listen and learn, pen, pencil, highlighters, camera, backpack, apple for the teacher, lunch sandwich, papers, warm thick clothes :P and that's it.
What to expect: the best of course. It comes with time, experience, lots of practice and studying. At least this is how studying worked out for me. Not to mention following my heart.

October 11, 2007


Jason, expect everything you thought it would be because it will. You are going because for once in your life your heart is leading your brain.
Good luck and stay the course.


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