Image downloaded 57 times, here is the keyword stat for this image.

First of I’m promoting this image, which has been my best seller in terms of revenue generated. Now as the image is in level five stage, and if someone buy a vector format I have a chance to earn 34 credits. Well let’s leave apart the marketing strategy, and come to the reality, so read the rest of the blog, and if you like the blog, buy the eps version of this image.

World Map in detail

This image is downloaded 57 times, with 1146 views. Well this image has generated 217.46 USD, Masha Allah. Now how were these images downloaded,

Old and 2006 credits: 1 maximum,

2007 credits: 3 small, 2 medium, 1 maximum, 6 additional

2008 credits: 1 extrasmall, 3 small, 3 medium, 3 large , 1

subscriptions: 21,

Out of 57 downloads, majority was subscription, and generated 8.04 USD.

Now another interesting part the keyword stats, these are the key words used to buy this image, (keyword | Downloads)

map world | 13

n/a (this is not keyword, hehehe) | 10

country map world | 4

countries map world | 3

map vector world | 3

maps world | 3

countries world | 2

maps | 2

world map countries | 2

atlas world | 1

continent map world | 1

countries map vector world | 1

country map | 1

detailed map vector world | 1

detailed maps world | 1

europa map | 1

map | 1

map places world | 1

map vector | 1

panorama | 1

pays pays | 1

vector globe map | 1

world map | 1

world map detail | 1

You can check my keywords in the image,

Now for the keyword map word which was used thirteen times to buy this image, in search results my image is placed I don’t know where I checked 40 pages still didn’t make it. It was little surprising, this image being exclusive, under relevancy my image wasn’t nowhere in first 40 pages. So how this image got the maximum downloads with this keyword????

My conclusion, either the sorting was in download descending, or may be some other image referred to this image is similar image tab. Sometimes somebody is good work helps us to sell our image. What you guys think???

All the other keywords searched by the buyer places me in first or second page, except for map world and maps. When you add an (s) and search maps world I’m placed again in second page.

No for the theory somebody’s keyword brings you business these two keywords are example. I got one subscription sale using pays pays keyword, I don’t have that keyword, and another additional format sale with this keyword panorama. Again with these two keywords you get lots of images of world map in vector format and similar images refer our images.

Well another tip for the illustrators, world map images are selling like hot cakes, do some concepts based on map illustrations.

That’s for now, will come with some more stats in my next blog.

Photo credits: Creativei.
  • Creativei
Ci Corp FZE, own and operates Creativei Photography and we are well known stock photo provider in Middle East.

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February 28, 2010

It's an interesting observation about keywords. Actually the keyword "maps" is not recommended to your image by comments I have read about keywording on DT boards. I remember one comment about plural words, that you can use plurals ONLY if you have multiple items on the image. But as we can see by your example, many users search plural form and still like an image with only one item on it. And it makes a lot of sense. If you want to find a picture of a dog, it's natural to type into search box DOGS. Cause that's what are you looking for - lots of pictures of dogs. I think if you don't place plural keyword with your image, you will miss many sales. It's wise to use plural keywords as well.
Thank you for the post and reassurance.


February 19, 2010

Congrats, Creativei!!!! Thanks for sharing with us!


February 08, 2010

Brad, you have very sound knowledge about search options and its functionality. Many times you have guided us with different blogs of DT search engine and its features (hidden). Thanks for your usual help.


February 08, 2010

'Pays' is French for country so perhaps that is a mixup from another language being used to search?


February 06, 2010

Well Brad, well I didn't think may be buyers might have used vector. Now after seeing those stats again, I realized that out of 13 with that key word, 9 was sold as additional format. Thanks for this input, it was useful.


February 05, 2010

If you check 'exclusive' and 'vector' as options when searching it is on page two when searching on 'map'...


February 03, 2010

congrats and thank you, that is helpful information


February 01, 2010

Nice blog Creativei!
very interesting!


February 01, 2010

Congratulations on all the sales! And thank you for the information about the keywords!


February 01, 2010

very interesting! thanks


February 01, 2010

Thanks to all the comments, hope this was helpful.


February 01, 2010

Very informative! I have an n/a on one of my images...the day after i uploaded it. I went back later to have a look at all my keywords...added a few...still wondering what works best. I have noticed my views are down, :(

Good luck to you!


February 01, 2010

wow, wow, nice. I hope some day i can do.


February 01, 2010

Congratulations on all the sales and thanks for sharing the info on what keywords were used. It is very interesting that your image has sold using keywords that you haven't used. I thought that these sales would have come up as N/A. It's now got me wondering where an N/A sale actually comes from. Good luck with your sales. Carol :)


February 01, 2010

great vector! well done for the work - it seemed to have paid off!


January 31, 2010

Hi Altaf, great image and interesting to see the stats for dl's.


January 31, 2010

congratulations friend.
57 dls, with income 217.46 USD, Masha Allah indeed.

you must feel so fortunate that Allah has favoured you dearly.
InchAllah one day one of my images will bring me an equal income as this.
Keep up the good work.


January 31, 2010

congratulations, and thanks for the info :)


January 31, 2010

Thanks for sharing the keywords importance Altaf :)


January 31, 2010

It's very interesting.