Image lifecycle

Trying to find the best workflow in an image's lifecycle, is not always as easy as it seems!

The phases from capture to archive can be a struggle. The more files the larger demand for structure and organization.

I have spend quite some hours on this site Digital Photography best Practices and Workflow, and I must say that all I "will ever need" is described in there.

Besides from very good articles about structure and organization in digital workflow, then there a lots of interesting articles about digital photography. All of it presented in a nice and intuitive way.

Spending some evenings on this site, will give lots of payback later on, in form of a good and solid chained workflow :)

Photo credits: Expozer.

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November 15, 2011


Good article

November 15, 2011


Thanks for sharing, the link is very interesting it has a lot of information for all kind of photographers. Thanks.

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