This image is not available for your region

hi, i have this response if I click on my image

please why this? it is a simple illustration....

Photo credits: Gennaro Guarino.

Your article must be written in English



solved. thank you :)


The image was not available in some countries because copyright issues. Everything should be ok right now and the image visible to everyone.

If this problem still occurs, please report it using the Contact form.


I can view it in UAE , Its nice illustration .


The same here. Weird thing!! I've never seen this before with a picture


securely is an internal dreamstime error or some wrong setting during the review process not available for the users during the upload


I checked most of this strange phenomena, and I noticed that the system, instead of displaying the image, begins to do a search for others that have as a keyword phrase "internal view". Then it visulalises the search result which consists of 888 images. It seems to me therefore that this is caused by an internal error in the DT system ...


I am in Mexico and can see it.


don't exists a law against the viruses illustrations.......


It appears that the majority of the people who can't see it are in European countries. I wonder if it has to do with local laws in each country about depicting disease viruses. I really don't know but guessing.

It would be interesting to know from DT why this is occurring.


I can view it in Moscow


I can view it in Canada


Cool viruses...Belarus can see it.


I cannot see it either! I'm from Romania


I'll open a ticket with the admin but seems strange. this is the first time that I see somothing of this....


I am in Italy and I cannot see the image.


Same for me. It is strange.


I can see it - I'm in Lebanon.


Please ask the admins of DT. I don't understand why it is not available for my region (=Germany), either.


Same for me too. Would like to understand this behaviour. David

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