Image Organizer

Just a little zip folder to help organize your files on a monthly basis..

Zip File contains:

* Photos


~Edit Images

* Poser Imports

~ (name)... Used for importing to Bryce

* Poser Renders

~ Dreamstime

~ Edit Renders

* Bryce Renders

~ Dreamstime

~ Edit Renders

Just rename the month title every month.

Please.. use an external hard drive.. or get one.. the best investment you can make to save all your work.

After each month.. just transfer monthly organizer folder to your external. '-)

Then do the same for the next month.

Monthly Organizer

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it's here:

sorry about that


where did u put it now hun?
cant find it :(


just wanted to download it but page is not available :(


I think the external hard drive is essential in this business, but copying to discs could be a good idea as an alternative back up just in case of hard disc failure. I personally keep my images in individual folder depending where they were taken, what the subject is, is it a photo or illistration, already uploaded, ready to upload and work in progress.


Ditto on the external. I have my life saved on that and DVD-R's, just in case there is a natural disaster. The DVD's are great for organizing them monthly, but a pain to change out if you have to search over more than one month and the disk can be slow, too. Its more of an archive. I am a firm believer in organization. Great blog topic.

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