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Not so long ago has faced a problem of the image of a protector of an automobile wheel in vector graphics. It was necessary to draw a texture and further to superimpose it on 3D image. Having studied set of various of protector pictures in photos and in live, has come to a conclusion that pictures can be absolutely different. To find the average or generalized variant was not so simply. A picture of a protector each firm then, but at creation of the image of a texture of this picture didn't have an impression that is a protector of an automobile wheel. Examples on photosinks I have found a little that that searched. As a result it was necessary to lay out the variant стокового a picture of a protector of a wheel, probably, it is useful to someone for handling 3Д images or for the image of a print of a protector on asphalt.

One of criteria of validation of the image of protector picture of a wheel, in my judgement is if at creation of a brake way from your protector the picture of a black band, on which four or two parallel white lines then the protector is represented truly turns out.

Photo credits: Dorvard.

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December 16, 2011


Great illustrations! Wish you many sales!

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