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This is my first blog and I hope that I will get some pennies for my thoughts:) Well,I would like to jot down thoughts about elements of design and the like that catch my eye .Hope its useful!

In India one sees a profusion of colors and imagery all around.

© Peaz
Be it the Rangoli or kolam patterns or the shapes and forms used on pots, to textiles to walls of houses, there are influences everywhere if we look for them. The motifs that are used in these designs give them a special flavor and identity.One of the most popular motif in the Indian subcontinent that has an Indian and Persian origin is the Kairy motif -which is known as the Paisley motif to most of the world (after the town of Paisley in Scotland) . A newspaper article on this motif made me look for it in the objects around me and I was really surprised to see that in every room of my house there was some thing with this motif- a curtain or a bed sheet or a sari or an invitation card- and even jewelery pieces! That made me more aware of the design elements that we take for granted which form the units in the patterns and images that we see around us!

And Dreamstime has its share of Paisley motifs too-I picked some random designs.This tear shaped pattern has the mango as its form inspiration as far as the Indian context is concerned while it is also called Welsh Pears or Persian Pickles.And Wikipedia even lists as leeches as inspiration...i would rather stick with the former three:)

Here are some lovely derivatives

© Daisy
and some items

where the motiff is used.

You can list your own favourites of this lovely motif!

Photo credits: Daisy, Griseldaespino, Imaginz, Yelena Panyukova, James Phelps Jr, Michail Veriznikov, Yin Chern Ng, Seventigers.

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Thanks for leaving a comment Griseldaespino! I think your work has a unique flavor and Iam glad I chose one of them ! - posted by Matabraham on May 12, 2009


Thank you for selected one of my peices in your blog. I'm very flattered and happy that my work is recognized and appreciated by so many talented fellow artists and those who support this site.

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