Images in dim light

A couple of years ago, when summer started I decided to go out for a stroll with my camera after I finished work. After running around the city center shooting buildings, like I usually do, I landed in the central square a took a break near a fountain. It was already dawn. I noticed children playing around the fountain and decided to shoot some pictures with long shutter speed as the dim light was perfect for that. I switched my WB to Tungsten light, to get a nice blue sky, got a good shooting angle and started to press the button.

The result:

I went home, downloaded my "prey" to lightroom and shortly afterwards the picture was online on dreamstime. It didnt take to much time and the first sale came along, and then the second and the third one and so on. At the moment it's the most downloaded picture from my portofolio.

Afterwards I did some research in the portofolio of succesful contributors here on dreamstime and noticed that urban scenes in dim light with cool red and white lightlines made by passing cars, moving people and a dark blue sky are actually quite the hit. Aaaaand, big plus for me and probably other employed people, you cand go out and shoot afterhours. A city always gives you such scenes and you always discover new perspectives and good shooting spots. That's how I got to shoot the following images:

And besides, if your looking to shoot urban scenes and escape people walking into your pictures, for which you will have to provide MR in order to sell your shots as RF, well, the long shutter speed will help your camera not catch them in your pictures.

Also, a nice walk at dawn is good for one's health.

Good luck,


Photo credits: Alexsleepy.

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Alexandra, they are beautiful shots!! I agree that the lighting is just awesome and really shows off the reflections and sky.


Really amazing pictures! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks everybody!


Amazing images, congratulations!


Brilliant pics!! Well done


Thanks for sharing!


Great images and interesting blog-thank you


beautiful images!I wish to live in a similar city


Nice pictures


Your images a re amazing, congratulations.


Lovely images...makes me want to go out NOW!!!...but have work to do:-)

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