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I like this image, because for once, I shot seasonal images ON TIME! I got it online in November, early, and it (the whole shoot) has done well on most of the platforms I submit to. Also, the model is a mate of mine, and we had lotsa fun in my studio.

So my good friend books me for a shoot at my studio for his corporate profile (he is an executive coach -, but apart from his fierce looking corporate portraits, he needed some fun shots, to use to create some repoir with his clients in presentations. He's an avid fly fisherman, so we cut a deal whereby I could use his images, and he got them to use for free. TIP - when styling a stock image, make sure that the gear,and parephernalia are correct, real and applicable. Nothing puts off a flyfisherman like seeing the guy in the pic is using, God forbid!, the wrong weight of line, or something stupid. People pick up on this, so beware. Research!

Ok, it's simple. It was the best espresso I've had in a long time, and I needed it. It was shot, while I was having attending (shooting) a lunch function at Den Anker, Cape Town. The nice "morning light" is from a 580EX II triggered with a ST-2. Settings manual. Shutterspeed just slow enough to allow the ambient light to act as filler, and the 580 to create hard light effect. For more motivation, see my blog on "Coffee for thought".

Shot it while shooting an annual report for the University of the Western Cape. At this juncture we were shooting the pharmacy department, and I had some time to mess around. So we created this little one. I often do this. When there is time to steal and some props around, I try and make some concept images on commercial shoots. LIghting 580 EX II through brolly, 420 EX as filler.

Because this spinach plant has been supplying me with spinach for the last 6 months, and isn't letting up! Theoretically it should've died by now, but it keeps on spurting out scrumptious leaves all the time. So this popeye image is nothing spectacular, but it has sold, weirdly enough, on various platforms.

Photo credits: Danie Nel.

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December 30, 2009


Keywording... mmm, not sure. It seems that too many keywords are penalized by search engines, yet too few as well. Trying to find the most and basic search terms. Not sure about the outcome yet. Could be that I need more.

December 30, 2009


Nice explanations and photos but.. don't these need more keywords ?

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