Hi everyone. I write this article to promote my OUT OF FOCUS bokeh

To new photographers remeber that i can never sale this images but they were accepted , so , they have interest. Always try new things, but remeber that a good bokeh is not "only an out focus image" , They have technique and certainly they must have "something" very well done.

Hope you like it.

New ones, i love the Honey and the landscape

Good and really amazing samples for other contributors :

- I love this one...beautiful !

© -v-

Photo credits: -v-, Bruno Monico, David M. Schrader, Anatoly Tiplyashin, Mikhail Dudarev, Mamuka Gotsiridze.

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November 03, 2012


I just find the landscape from Krasphoto....outstanding detail from the background trees and the sun, the colors ...beautiful bokeh. I think that the bokeh cannot stay very melt, we must understand something of that , some presence , like the Honey from Mihtiander ....The best lenses to do that are the primes, midle primes, or the top Zeiss that make any bokeh in a piece of 3D art, they melt the background and they don´t confuse the image. Is a new world to explore and now with chroma key programs they are very useful, i think!

November 03, 2012


LOL wisconsinart..... ;)) maybe they don´t understand your point of view.... Or maybe the bokeh was a strange form.... Is not easy to do this . We have to find a good scene that given a good bokeh patern and stop on the point of bokeh....Most times the result is only an image that are out of focus but sometimes we can see something really amazing. The green/gold pattern is amazing, but i saw one day in DT one image that i don´t find now and that was outstanding ....

November 03, 2012


I tried this and was rejected for being out of focus... just can't win...!

November 03, 2012


Thanks for comment Martingraf. On your profile you mentioned a Tamrom 90mm f2.8 Must be a good lenses for that. Turn of the auto focus and play manual before taking the picture. You have wonderful images.

November 03, 2012


so far I was only concerned that the bokeh looks rather pleasant because of the overall quality of my pictures but that of course has to also do with my lens quality - I never thought about seeing it as an art on its own - really like a few of the samples you are showing - especially the green/golden one from -v-. But you are also doing some really nice work. Congratulations!

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