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Images with Panasonic Lumix LX5


After much research, regarding the purchase of a quality compact camera, my choice fell on the Panasonic Lumix LX5. The key features are: larger sensor than the competition, to keep the digital noise, 24mm Leica lens that starts at F2. To obtain images of good quality, always use the RAW format, JPEG is only for photo-memory, is a little poor. I will not go beyond listing the characteristics of this Lumix, which surely will find it on websites, I leave you with three pictures just accepted, with this little camera. I hope to be liked by those who want to do this type of purchase, if you have questions to ask will be happy to answer! Thank you in advance for comments, a greeting to all my friends and to all users of Dreamstime!

Photo credits: FabioConcetta.

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December 21, 2011


Thank you for emphasizing the usefulness of this blog, I add that I first had the Canon G9, which is considered by many one of the best series of G. Well after a trip to Germany, Koln, had sent about 30 images, almost all refused, except for 2. With the Panasonic LX5 is different, I made a few pictures, but almost all accepted!

December 20, 2011


You have provided a great piece of information. I will definitely share it with my other friends. Keep up the good work, I would to stay in contact with your posts.

November 22, 2011


Thank you for visiting my blog and found it interesting, the only flaw of this camera is the coprioebiettivo cap, opens the bag and always have to be careful not to scratch or damage your lenses! Thanks again, a greeting!

November 21, 2011


The Panasonic Lumix is a wonderful compact digital camera. All Panasonic Lumix cameras come equipped with high performing camera lenses and durability. I will visit your blog regularly for some latest post. Thanks for sharing. travel websites best

November 10, 2011


Interesting idea, I think this is a good option to go light with a camera, I'm looking between lumix cameras and your review is very useful to me, thanks.

September 12, 2011


Gmargittai You're right!

September 11, 2011


A little known advantage of the compacts vs DSLRs, everybody praises DSLRs for their shallow DOF. The compacts have a much deeper DOF, and there are situations when you want everything in focus. For instance the Tiles By the Pool photo you posted.

August 24, 2011


Nice photos! Thanks for your review! Keep up the good work!

August 18, 2011


Thank you Francesca!

August 18, 2011


Nice photos! thanks for sharing this useful info :-) Ciao, Francesca

August 17, 2011


Thank you Francesco and Joerg!

August 17, 2011


Wish you much fun with your new camera!

August 17, 2011


Great job and very good photos!!! Ciao, Francesco

August 17, 2011


Thank you everyone for the comments and opinions on camera!!!!

August 17, 2011


Nice pictures.
Enjoy your new toy.

August 17, 2011


Yup, that camera is sweet. I bought the camera in January this year and had lots of fun with it. Captures beautiful colors, better than my DSLR. Some of my recent shopping pictures are taken with it. Love the panorama setting - great wide angle. The macro function takes great pictures of flowers. True, as with contact cameras, sharpness can be a bit of a problem at times. One grip point is that the camera lens cap must be open in order to view pictures. Just a small minor point. But the best part is its compact size. Love it. Best of luck with your new camera :)

August 17, 2011


Cool. Nice images...
Have fun with your new camera ^_^

August 17, 2011


interesting article, although I'm an illustrator and not a photographer ;)

August 17, 2011


Thanks for your review Concetta! I've been looking at that camera for awhile, it's one of my finalists for a point and shoot. I'm glad to know that you are happy with it. I like your images too!

August 17, 2011


very nice photos have fun with your new toy ;)

August 16, 2011


Thank you ^_^

August 16, 2011


The photos are very good!!! Well done and keep up the good work!

Have a nice day!!! :)))

August 16, 2011


Great results.

August 16, 2011


For Photoncatcher ...You're right, because I always try to intense light!

Thank you Egomezta!

August 16, 2011


i have one too.a good DC but the optical quality sometimes can not satisfied the stock.find out the sweet point.

August 16, 2011


Good luck with your new camera. I'm looking forward to see your new work soon.

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