Impact and color

I decided recently that I needed some dramatic shots that catch the eye in my portfolio. I keep reading that bright colors and eye catching thumbnails are the way to go. So on a recent family holiday I shot some pictures with this purpose in mind. Here are some of the results:

I'm happy to report that within days of uploading I'm seeing some sales of these! As well, making marginal light shots into silhouettes dramatically improved their appeal. Hope you like them...

Photo credits: , Brad Calkins.

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Great dramatic colors...and very useful tip, I think I'll try it also :)


Eye catching, no doubt! Making them into silhouettes and those rich deep colors make them striking indeed.
And I read in another blog comment that you are currently in Japan! Enjoy your time here! It's a beautiful country.


very nice idea. congrats to you improved sales.


Thanks for all the kind comments!


Congratulations! I have been focusing on doing seasonal images, but I should try to add some more color to my portfolio. Thanks for the tip!!!!


WOW, very impressing ! Love the colors.
I have soooo much to learn.


Very striking and lovely colours...:o)


Very nice shots!


Yep, you did it! I've seen these photos some days ago and still remember them! Good luck!


Great work mate, very bright and beautiful


The coolest! I got about 25 filters or so from my 35 mm days, I will dust them off and take them with me on holiday, see what I get. I will blog you guys with the results. Thanks for sharing.


Wow, fabulous colors! These are certainly eye catching, it's no wonder that they are already selling. Love the fact that you referred to some of these as "marginal light shots" and yet with some creative endeavor you have transformed them into stunning and saleable images! Well done!


Nice shots - great colours.


Definately eye catching, some great results and sure they will see many more sales.

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