Importance of IPTC.

Up til now I described my photos only when they had been uploaded on DT. You know, categories, keywords, etc. I have never used that File Info dialog box in Photoshop. Until I discovered how useful that is:

1. When you upload such a (described) photo on DT, the keywords and categories are automatically implemented.

2. When a glitch happens while uploading (there were a few, including recent FTP problems), you are safe, because the keywords are with your file, not in the site's database only.

3. When filling IPTC data becomes your habit, you will find it useful when uploading a photo for various photo communities sites - flickr for example.

4. If you are not an exclusive photog for one site, you will find it even more useful - one keywording, several stock sites.

5. It's useful when you're looking for a particular photo on your HDD - most photo viewing applications have that feature as well.

I do recommend using that PS feature, once you try, you won't stop.

Photo credits: David Marchal, Dimitry Romanchuck.

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September 20, 2007


I've been wondering if that feature was really worth the time. I am glad to hear that you have found it useful. I think I may give it a try this morning. :)

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