The importance of keywording

Microstock agency like Dreamstime are sort of great boxes with thousand of images and illustrations.

This give a great opportunity to buyers in terms oh choise.

But what happens to contributors?

It's very very important to work at keywording your pictures, because it's the best way for your work to be seen and eventually to be bought! Even monthes after you have uploaded it.

How to choose your keywords?

It's very important to wear the clothes of a potential buyer. Which words would a buyer type, looking for something like my image?

Take for example the image of my blog:

- children



These three words are the ones that best describe the picture, but also the ones that a buyer interested in this illustration would type.

The we can also insert the name of each instrument: this would help a buyer looking for a particular instrument.

Then I can look at the colours and other particulars, but I'm sure that the first keywords will be the most effective.

Photo credits: Trottola.

Your article must be written in English



Thanks for the info, these blogs are always useful!


Thanks for sharing... Great info.



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