The Importance Of Wind turbines In Rural America

When people travel through rural America they may wonder "what are those white towers with propellers on them in the sky?" those are wind turbines and there used by taking in the wind and making electrical power from it, the next question is usually "but why are there so many in the mid west of the United States?" In central America there are flat grass plains and cornfields which allow wind to carry at great speeds through it without being broke up by any mountains or large valleys.

Iowa wind turbine close up

Wind turbines have came a long way in design from there old versions, back in the day wind turbines used to be not as tall and mostly made up of metal which can rust after the years go by, they was mostly seen on farm properties and only used by the farmers for electricity instead of commercial use like it is mainly used as now. Many of the old fashioned wind turbines doubled as a weather vanes as well, which came in handy to see what direction the wind was coming from.

Iowa Windmill

Wind turbines old and new are highly sought after in the stock photo industry, with all the power companies and different business that wind turbines power for electricity there is always going to be stories told about them and there will always be a need for images of them to give a visual about them, that is why every stock photographer should at least consider having a few wind turbines in there portfolio.

Farm Field Sunset Evening Landscape

Rural America has little gems hidden around every corner and wind turbines are sure one of them, giving us the gift of electricity that many of us can admit we might take a little for granted at times by switching that light switch and expecting the light to always come on which usually it does, so always remember if your going down a highway and see some wind turbines to consider pulling over and snap the a picture of it!

Photo credits: Gluestick.

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May 14, 2018


I am all for wind turbines. Wherever possible, it should be harvested.

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