Important Day


Tuesday is a very important day in my life. I have my last recruitment meeting in one of the biggest polish banks.

I know I'm well prepared. I've done my homework. I know I have all required skills and abilities but now I feel so nervous. It's making me angry cause my nerves are under control.. I can't find anything to relax and keep calm inside. Each hour I'm closer to that point I feel like going out of my mind.

I tried to learn but couldn't focus myself. I watched TV but it was kind of wasting my time. Walking with my dog but.. brry it's so cold.. Looked for some nice images in my favourites photographers portfolios but still found no point.

The worst thing is I don't know why it is like this? I had so many very formal and important meetings with business partners of a company I worked for before and never had such a feeling.. Maybe than I was a partner and now I'm a participant of a recrutation process. I feel like during my studies at the University when some huge exams were coming.. I've never thought I will feel something like this again.

And what is your way to solve the stress problem? Tell me.

Wish you all nice and relaxed tuesday.


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Your article must be written in English

November 28, 2007


And Megi885 next time write in english..

Dziękuję i pozdrawiam (Thank you and greetings).


November 28, 2007


Fotogeek I'll drink vodka during the weekend when, I hope, I get some good news..
I tried to pray and be relaxed. I think my interview was excellent but I don't really know how good my competitors were. We'll see what happens when I get an answer.
I think you were right Madartists about being stressed out to much..But after all I think I did my best to find something positive and motivated in such a feeling.
My wife is a good psychologist as well. She has a very responsible job so I didn't want to make her worries more.
Anyway. Thank you ALL (!!) very much for your support. I didn't expect so many nice and warm responses. I love to be here with you!
I'll let you know what has changed.

November 27, 2007


Your problem is a very typical on this time. This year is going to the end and you have a lot things to finish. If you have a stress problem you should go to psychology. My wife is the best psychologist on my life. When I have a problem I go to her! Very simple!!!
Regards and Good luck!

Jakub N.

November 27, 2007


Hej! I jak poszło spotkanie?:) hehe. Co słychać u Ciebie? Jakieś wieksze zmiany chyba, bo nowa praca i wogóle... Widze ze portfolio kwitnie i mnostwo nowosci (albo ja ostatnio rzadko tu zaglądam). Pozdrawiam. Magda.

November 27, 2007


It sounds like you've gone beyond normal anxiety and now stressed out about being stressed out. It's feeding itself. The more you worry about being stressed, the worse it gets. Sit down with good old pen and paper and write out your feelings, worries, etc. Then decide which are valid and how you can best cope with them. You'll find your way through it. Good luck!

November 27, 2007


good luck!

you'll do fine!

My good thoughts are with you!

I deal with stress by playing video games

November 27, 2007


The best way is to relax. Relax, be yourself, smile, be enthusiastic - not too hyper, overenthusiastic though - smile....and don't think too much about it until you're there, when you need to focus a bit obviously.

November 27, 2007


My way is pray.I pray to God and I am asking from Him to lead me in that kind of problem, and do the best for me.

November 26, 2007


Vodka. Just kidding.
Before going in, take a few deep breaths (not too many to faint though) and keep telling yourself "I am the best candidate and the job is mine".
Than go in with confidence and make sure you make good eye contact while giving your greeter a firm hand shake. The rest will be history...
I hope you will read this before the interview...
Good Luck!

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