Impressive picture presentations: A recommendation from a 50% DT exclusive photographer

Hi all! I am half way of becoming a DT Exclusive photographer! That means I have uploaded 50% of the pictures needed to achieve the "Nobility Title" :) Almost there!

Anyhow, the subject of my "article", apart from this joke (and showing off my yummy new pictures) was to share something with you all.

If you want to present your pictures in a different way, you might want to consider this option: They claim to be "The end of slideshows", and they could be fairly right.

I won't say much about it, you better see it for yourself by clicking here.

It is amazing what this people do. It's really a different way to deliver your pictures. Imagine your girlfriend or your friends reaction feeling themselves like MTV pop stars! My video is kinda cheesy, forgive me for that... but my girl loved it (and I do too).

You can download your High Resolution presentation as a DVD .iso file or in QuickTime (.mp4) format, which is great too. They also provide a way to automatically export the resulting video straight to YouTube.

Use it and share your experience :P I'd love to see other people's videos!

Photo credits: Luis Serrano.

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August 05, 2008


What do you think of this :)

August 05, 2008


Thanks Cathy! I'd love to see one of your shows, I am sure they're amazing, for what I've seen in your portfolio I can say I like your style. BTW thanks for adding my pic to your collection. It's such an original idea, an empty chair collection :)

About the song, it's as classically French as your cheese picture :D Here in Spain it's a hit right now, thanks to Kate Ryan (she sings the version in the video).

August 02, 2008


I have been using animoto since they started, and they are awesome! LOVE them... and they get better and better! Everyone I sent a show to, gets hooked... Animoto Rocks! ;O)
And BTW, it's not cheesy, you guys look so happy!! And I haven't heard this song in sooo long, it was really fun to hear it again ;O))

August 02, 2008


Pretty cool. I might just go ahead and make one one of these days.

August 01, 2008


The music is totally awesome I love techno dance music it's too funny. Great video

August 01, 2008


Hi Joe, thanks for sharing your videos, they're very nicely presented. Could you tell me which software did you use? Cheers!

July 31, 2008


Thanks for the link. Really cool. I might give it a try too. :)

July 31, 2008


That's really cool. I think I might try that out! Thanks for the link :)

July 31, 2008


I actually do these kinds of shows. People who have a bunch of digital images from any type of event (weddings, parties, retirements, BIG B-days, etc) send me their images and I build what I call 'Memories with Style' shows. Here's a couple of sample shows.

It's a real nice way of breathing life into your digital images and being able to share your special times with anyone around the world.


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