Improve organization's profile

First of all I have to give proper credits to lifesazoo for the initial input.

A couple of days ago, while looking for ways to improve the appearance and organization of photos in my profile,

I found a thread in the forum who gave me some ideas.

The thread is this:

So thanks to the first html code found here, I started to create the first link, and then I tried other html code for further change

the appearance.

The results of my work you can see in my profile page.

This is my first attempt with html, was funny, and in the end, I think that now my personal profile appears nice and neat.

Now for who is interesting in how to do this, I decided to post the code I used.

I hope it can help, those who find difficulty in obtaining the same result.

So the first thing to do is go to the home page in management area, and click on collection button. After you have created your

collection (public or private), return to the home page, in

management area and click on edit ptofile.

The last box, is where to insert the code.

< a href="Link" >< Link >< /a >

Note, why work you must remove the spaces before and after the . Replace the first text "Link" with the address of your collection,

delete the word LInk, go to your collection copy the address and

past between the two "", then delete the second word link and replace with the word you want to appear in bio/statistic box.

That's all! Play with other code for improvement the look of text,

for example I put it with different color the standard is blue.

Choice the color you want, search in google, html color or something

similar. For example to put a red text, you must insert this code

before the words you want to colorize: < FONT color="FF0000" > and after the words < /FONT > Remember to remove the space after and

before ALL the , the space remain between the word FONT and color.

I hope this is helpful and sorry for my bad engllish.


Photo credits: Alberto*_*, Susan Pettitt.

Your article must be written in English



Happy to hear this eclectic elegance


Very useful! I used to think that html code was very boring and complicated, but now I think it is kind of fun to play around with! I'll have to do this with my profile page sometime!


Thanks for the clarification lifesazoo


Thanks for using my picture. There actually was one correction to the original code that I typed out that someone caught later on in the thread that was mentioned the code actually should look like
< a href="Link" > Link < /a >

Originally when I typed out the code I by mistake added an extra < and > to the code.


Hi Fultonsphoto this is the code of fall collectio:
< a href="" > < B > < I> < FONT color="FF6600" > Fall < /FONT > < /B > < /I > < /a >
As you can see at the end this code is very similar to the one already posted in the above article, the only difference are the < B > and < I > option for text in bold and tilted. One site with color code reference:
Pay attention, remove the space before and after the < >, and of course replace the original address with that of your collection.
Hope now is more helpful!!


Hi Alberto, please give the exact code used as it appears in the last block in the bio artistic statement, for example the exact code used to link to the Fall collection created?

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