Improve Your Acceptance Ratio

Low acceptance ratio is tormenting and confusing for many newbies, just like i say in another article "Low Acceptance Ratio". After so many experiences and failures, I have a little idea for improving acceptance ratio.

First of all, you should estimate the value of you photo just before you shoot it. That means you must take photograph more thoughtfully and carefully. So that quality of your pics can be ensured.

Selecting pics is another important step. After a hard work for shooting pictures, you might be reluctant to give up any single one of them. But you have to realize and admit that some of them will not be accepted. The correct thing what you should do is finding out these pictures and leaving them behind.

When you shoot a lots of picture in a same subject and you cannot be sure those pics will be acceped, don't upload them all at one time. You can choose several of them to upload and find out whether being accepted or not. Then you can decide to upload them all or give up them all.

I hope these advices can help you to improve your acceptance ratio even though mine is only about 45% :-)

Photo credits: Jin Peng.

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August 20, 2008


I have to admit I was somewhat frustrated when my first photo was shot down in flames and I was told my lens quality was poor but I am at the same time appreciative of what I will take away from the expierience and maybe I will improve down the road.Thanks for the most excellent information.

July 30, 2008


And of course, don't forget to carefully explore your pictures at full size (100% zoom), looking for unwanted brands, trademarks, recognizable humans, and focus issues. Also, if you upload a model photo, be careful of having your MR form correctly filled. I once had a picture rejected because my model didn't had a witness while filling it up. Problem was... she is 900km away now. Cheers!

July 22, 2008


Good points Max, Brad & Matt. In addition it's helpful to review DT for photos that may be too similar or already well covered. My latest two rejections were for the following - "This is a very well covered subject in our data base or the subject of your image is too specific." Marilyn

July 22, 2008


I think it is a good idea to upload a single image from a series before uploading all angles if you feel uncertain they will be accepted. There is no sense getting a large number of similar shots rejected for the same reason. The only downside is that they then don't come up together, making it a little harder for a designer to notice you have more than one.

July 22, 2008


Good opinion. I have the same problem. Thanks for sharing.

July 22, 2008


Good opinion!

July 21, 2008


I agree with much of your information, and it is very helpful! The best way to improve the quality of your images, and your acceptance ratio, is to take as many pictures as possible, then go over them multiple times is post production to make sure you have the best images available for submission. Keep up the good work!

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