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Many stock photos are of isolated objects.... isolated either on white or some other neutral background.

This isolation I believe... I may be wrong so if I am please correct me - happens at source. i.e. The Image is placed against a neutral background in a studio set-up in which lighting is done such that shadows are eliminated. Softboxes, fill-in flash and reflectors would be the tools of the day.

I feel that isolation is done at source as to try and do this during pp, using Photoshop or whatever other photo editing suite you have, can be rather tedious and times consuming. Again... this may be true to me due to my mediocre skills on PS.

Anyway.... to stop beating around the bush... I tried my hand at some improvised studio shoots using diffused natural light from the window, a silver tray as a reflector, a sheet of blank white paper to provide the neutral background and my trusty Nikon D80 set up on a tripod.

The results as seen here are quite satisfactory I think!

Lemme try again....

These are the images I had attached to my previous note on isolating objects at source rather then in pp!

Photo credits: Lupideloop.

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September 05, 2009


Isolating, i prefer to do in photoshop, this gives more power than creating it at the point of shooting, plus as i said before in another blog, I leave the clipping path I created to isolate the image, this brings in more sales. And finally browser issue could be at times i have problems with Chrome, But 99 percent of the time I use firefox.

September 05, 2009


Thank for the replies and comments.
Re the technical glitch, I am not sure if it is a browser issue or not... I have become a fan of Google's browser - Chrome - and use that almost 100%. There are a couple of sites which for some reason do not work well in Chrome but work fine in Firefox.
Will contact Support as suggested though.

September 04, 2009


Photo looks nice, normally I'd use photoshop anyway to make isolated photos look a little more isolated.

September 04, 2009


Great image! Someone else had problems uploading photos to their blog a few days ago. Try emailing support, it seems to be some kind of technical glitch :0)

September 04, 2009


You did a great job on the one we can see.

September 04, 2009


I have three other images attached to this blog, but they are not showing up!
Can anyone tell me why?

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