Increase my sales

Hello everybody!!

I'm in DT till the second half of July and I'm quite satisfied!

I've published 36 photos and I've sold 6 of it.

Can anybody advise me of how increase my sales?

What do you think about my photos?



Photo credits: Daniele Longhi.

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September 15, 2008


Upload more.

September 09, 2008


Thanks everybody for the advise ... i love you!!!

September 08, 2008


Hi Daniele,

Great photos - I really love your seas shells underwater photo. It took me a while of posting on DT before my sales really started to pick up. Just keeping shooting what your love or catches your eye. While not every photo can be useful for stock purposes, submitting and selling on here has helped me realize that if I work at it, I can shoot the things that interest me AND make successful stock photos. Good luck!


September 08, 2008


I hope so ..... ;-P
I have a lot of pics but everytime I have fear tu add a "non commercial" image ...

September 08, 2008


Your shots are very nice, sales will come soon. Ciao

September 08, 2008


Hi, I would just concentrate more on building a diverse portfolio, and the sales will come.

September 08, 2008


Hi Daniele!

Your portfolio is very nice. I like your blue Tour Eiffel shots (I had some pictures too of it, but not so good like yours...). Keep uploading constantly. Collections are also a good way to give more visibility to your photos.

Ciao, Rob.

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