Increase Your Sales with Inbound Links

There is one major element of SEO that is somewhat out of your control as a website owner. Unfortunately, it happens to be one of the most important elements and is capable of massively increasing the amount of traffic to your site in a matter of days, sometimes even minutes. In case you hadn’t guessed by the title, this element is inbound links. In other words, links from other sites to yours.

Why are inbound links important?

Inbound links are great for SEO for 2 main reasons:

1. They bring traffic to your site whenever someone clicks the link

2. Search engines pay attention to inbound links to determine how important a page is and where it is placed in their search results

Aside from search engine results, links from other sites are the only way that people will be able to find your site. To put it in business terms, inbound links are essentially referrals to your site from other sites. The more referrals you have, the more business, or at least inquiries, you will get. If someone is referred to you through a friend to buy your products or services, but upon further investigation they find that your office is in the basement closet with a leaky ceiling, they will most likely take their business elsewhere. The same goes for websites. If someone is referred to your site (through an inbound link) but is immediately turned off by the design of your site or content that doesn’t apply to them, they will leave immediately, and most likely never return. On the other hand, if you have a design that is, at the minimum, easy on the eyes, and content that is applicable to them, you can be fairly confident that they will return again at some point in the future.

Learn more about Inbound Links and how to obtain them on Perception's Blog.

Photo credits: Edhar Yralaits.

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