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I don’t have many downloads to make a serious statistics, but so far my best images are the unique ones.

I started with painting. My paintings are pure exploration of world of colors and shapes, exploration of my inner world, my emotions and sensations. They all are the abstract paintings. But I wasn't satisfied. Somehow, I felt it wasn't showing what I wanted to express. So I experimented with my camera. I stared to make macro shots of specific parts of paintings and one painting could offer me several images that showed exactly what I needed.

I had hard times fixing the lights and avoiding the extra shine of artificial light of the room where I made my paintings. I fixed that by using a white shower curtain on windows and in front of reflectors.

Alien creatures flying trough space

One painting gave birth to couple of smaller images with life if their own, completely different and completely independent of major painting. This one I shared is one of my favorites. Firstly because there are only two colors and shades among them. The combination that they make when meeting one another. The impact they have to one another. Secondly, because it is separate from earthly image that derived from. This one shows the life outside our Planet. The possibility and endless imagination of the life we don’t know about, but feel it exists. Somewhere, somehow, maybe even beyond comprehension and understanding. Somewhere outside of all we know. Somewhere outside of us. The way it was created, from the Earth or should I say earthly understandings, it is special in showing us that what we imagine can be alive and real.

Alien creature attack in space

I read somewhere the definition of faith. It says that the faith is acceptance of what we imagine to be truth, but we cannot prove. I imagine the life in every part of space, I imagine it to be real, full of life, breathing and moving. I imagine it having impact on everything around it. I imagine it to be bold and humble at the same time. I imagine it to be full of love. Lines aroused from my inner impulse to recognize the energy I don’t know the source nor the path. But it lives inside me and shows me the worlds I don’t know. If one creates or just searches for something in creation of others, one knows the excitement of creation and cognition. And that should be the message of all works of art – to show or to search for the divine spark that transcends us all.

Is it better to paint or to take photos? I don't have the answer, because I have found both to be fulfilling. Both processes are creative and energized. Both can provide us with the feeling of admiration and reaching for the better and newer versions of ourselves. it is up to all of us to find the answer. If the answer is what we need. Or we could just enjoy no matter what the technique is.

Photo credits: Nikola Jankovic.

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