Incredible but true

Funny thing happened to me yesterday. I visited an exhibition on telecommunications in Moscow (it was needed for my regular job). It was a large exhibition which occupied 3 enormous halls. I spent almost the whole day there. At the end of my visit I found some company with name "ANCOM". Their products were of interest for me and I start to read their info. Suddenly I noticed a picture that seemed to be familiar. Look, it is marked by red on the photo:

Then, I realized that it is MY PICTURE

. I asked guys and their confirmed that picture had been bought on DT by their designer. I checked - this image was sold once, at the end of April for 7 credits.

Could you imagine?! I met my image in action BY A CHANCE and not on Internet but IN REAL LIFE. I am shocked up to here. But of course, pleasantly shocked. Just incredible, is not it?

Photo credits: Igor Sokalski.

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Right you are, Inyrdreams - it was just wonderful! Thanks for your comment.


isint it wonderful to see your work in print like that? congrats! here is to many more


Thanks, Ninuscha!




Surely, you will! :-) Good luck!


Wow I can only imagine how you felt!
Congrats to a job well done :)


Did you stand there smiling and pointing so everyone would see it ;)))


Congratulations. It is a super kick to find one of your photos "in the wild", isn't it! I think it is a thrill for any photographer but particularly for the majority of us who consider ourselves amateurs.

I had a somewhat similar experience when I was looking at a poster that was produced at my work and suddenly realized that the image of two people conversing over a cup of coffee was one that I took. As the poster was produced in-house, it wasn't quite as much of a surprise because I provide our graphics department with quite a few images but I have no idea when or where they will use the images.


Many thanks to all who have commented this blog. I am very pleasured, touched and warmed by your comments!


Congratulations! I see your sky images...spectacular!!


the last place one expects to see grand appreciation is in your own backyard. much from growing up participating and working in the music scene where local musicians usually become famous abroad, never at home.
the same applies for stock i suppose. so, it must feel good to see your own work appreciate in your own backyard. congrats.


Thanks for sharing....


WOW! Its real pleasantly shocked!


to Cristalloid - Thanks!


Igor, that's great, indeed!! Congratulations!


And once and once again: thank you, colleagues! It is really both fantastic and wonderful. I hope to hear such stories from you soon :)


What a wonderful find! The picture is beautiful. Coincidence or not, I think it is meant to be :)


wow must have been a great feeling!


Good ! Before one year i have Sell rights of one my logo for 500$ and will be happy to see in real life :)


That's fantastic! It's a great pic too!


Thanks to all once again! :)


Congraulations to you)) Life is more amazing then imagination.


to Fredvl I would say it managed to find me. Since I looked for nothing. Wich makes things even more incredible, be agree... :)


Wow well done! What are the chances of someone in the same country as you purchasing your work, and you managing to find it! Incredible!


No, it's quite... 'credible' :) I wish you to post a similar story some day. It will happen to you, trust me :)


to Martingraf Yes, exactly. It's like reading a tale. The difference is that such a story happened in reality. For me there is also another difference - it the first time when I rather tell story than read it :-) Thanks for commenting and good luck!


I like that story - because you can imagine yourself how you would feel when that should happen.


hehehehe very cool!


Same happened to me when I was looking to an Veterinary magazine.
I have seen my 14384031 image


I wish you the same or something of the sort happining to you :)

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