Indoor concert photography

Shooting a concert outdoor with plenty of light is relatively simple. Shooting a concert indoor, NOT in the press pit and surrounded by horde of dancers is not as easy. Things get more complicated if you are dancing while shooting, which put my Alpha's sensor stabilizer under exteme pressure.

But how much fun. This was my first time and I went through a steep learning curve, not sure I could have pulled any shot in almost complete darkness and with the poor ISO performance of my entry level DSLR.

But the biggest killer was focusing in low light, that's where I missed most shots.

I shot with a 50mm at 200 ISO, 1/80s, from -1EV to -2EV, centered metering and whatever aperture came out (usually wide open at f1.7).

Dreamstime accepted three shots out of this session so far and I'm extremely happy. And the concert was great!

Photo credits: Francesco Carucci.

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August 13, 2008


Amazing photos! Well done!

August 13, 2008


Great colors! Maybe you are interested in some concert shootings of mine:

Journey at the Jako-Arena in Bamberg/Germany
Sieges Even (a very, very good german progressive rock band)
The light conditions during the Sieges Even concert were very bad - virtually no light at all ...

The settings: Nikon D80, Nikon VR 70-200/2,8 G IF-ED, manual mode, ISO1000


August 12, 2008


Really great shots..nice work.

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