Industry Standards

After I started to work as a free contributor, I have experienced that there are no Industry Standards in micro stock business.

Some agencies accepts images which others never approve. More interesting, the best and most selling images of your portfolio might be rejected due to inconsistent reasons in some agencies.

One agency , which wants me to use their own model release form , has rejected all of my works due to that reason.But later they accepted one of my images with the same model with same universal MR I submitted ! It was funny.

Another thing is about white balance issue. It is obvious that if Mr. Kelvin was a microstcok photographer he would even regret for his own invention ! Correct WB is something which depends to eye calibration of reviewers more than the measurable heat of the light !

Now I never try to correct my images to make any agency to approve them. If one does not approve another does. If one can not sell than another agency sells. Every or any rejection they made is the money they loose as well as mine ...

One more thing , DT is really the best one !

Thank you very much for reading

Serdar Tibet

Photo credits: Serdar Tibet.

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January 30, 2011


afterthought on WB rejection notice. Another inconsistency to this could be that a site may not have an appeal to overrule the reviewer on this highly subjective rejection reason. what i mean is, it is definitely unjustified esp if you already have approved images taken from the same shoot that are selling well with the agency , ie. studio shots where your lighting is consistent and WB thus empirical.
My only suggestion is that perharps that reviewer is not a regular and was parachuted from another agency during the festive season where the regulars are on vacation. Thus said, WB rejections may no longer be an endemic "dis-ease" there, (touch wood) for you ;)

Or , just forget that site, and stay with Dreamstime ;) Why complicate your life ?

January 30, 2011


Good posting, congrats.
Regarding rejections of your work by other stock agencies, I think back to my first year in microstock and remember how someone wrote me to tell me not to waste my time trying to please every stock agency on the planet, as like human beings are fickle and inconsistent so are reviewers.

Your mention of white balance also excites me into the debate, as I remember how my colleagues pointed out to me this inconsistency as well ie. the same agency that uses this WB rejection reason also posted the most WB incorrect photos on their front page or best selections, thus
bringing out yet another proof that as another agency use in their rejection notice, we are after all humans and can make mistakes, or perharps that day that reviewer was wearing the wrong rose colored spectacles, lol.

In short, I think the best thing to do to avoid driving us up the wall about rejection notices is to go where the reviewers approve of your work as it is obvious that is where they truly appreciate your contributorship and or indicate that your niche is the kind of work they want to help sell for you with their agency. Thus, selective process to not only reduce wasting time uploading to where there is rejections and keeping up your portfolio increase with the one where your approval ratio is consistently increasing.

cheers for adding your own insight to my latest posting. Come back and keep adding your insights .

January 15, 2011


Thanks for sharing and good luck!

January 15, 2011


Yes, is my oppinion too, each agency has its type of clients, or maybe too many photos from a category and they need more other categories. There are many reasons why the pictures are aprooved or rejected.

January 15, 2011


Sure ...

January 14, 2011


Thank, and Could i share to my friends?

January 14, 2011


nice share..good work.

January 13, 2011


I agree with the withe balance it´s a little subjective. But i can say I love DT, in fact i´m exclusive, it works for me!

January 13, 2011


Do you wanna know my opinion? Honestly and lately (which is what counts more) I am getting more rejections here at DT than at all other agencies where I got almost everything approved.. Stock is a battle in a few time submitting to other agencies you will get what agencies need and approve.. I don´t think that much, I upload my best possible so nothing I can do there :) Regarding model releases use your own, I have made up one based on Yuri but added a few itens that other agencies want these days.. If you need anything contact me

January 13, 2011


Thanks for sharing your experience... I don't have that kind of problems since I'm exclusive with DT...

January 13, 2011


I did not give any name :) All I wanted to say , there is no standards in the industry and most of the rejection reasons are ridicilous.

I do not battle or argue anymore. Since every image has a buyer , the more they reject the more they lose.

January 13, 2011


Ooops... looks like you aren't allowed to mention other agencies on here - hence the 'censored' name.

January 13, 2011


I hear you... I have had several images rejected from one agency only to be accepted on another agency and sell.
I also battle with white balance sometimes. ******** has a generic rejection reason that looks like this:

-Flat/dull colors
-Direct on-camera flash and/or flash fall-off (bright subject, dark background)
-Harsh lighting with blown-out highlights that lack details and/or distracting shadows
- Distracting lens flares
-Incorrect white balance

You can usually eliminate some of those reasons as they aren't present i.e. distracting lens flare, harsh lighting with blown-out highlights and direct on-camera flash, which leaves you with either flat/dull colours (which I haven't figured out what they mean by that) or our friend... incorrect white balance!

January 13, 2011


I agree! Good luck in your microstock life my friend! :)

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