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Not long after the Fuji X-Pro 1 was released, infrared photography aficionados found that with a few hacks, the system could yield very decent infrared images. Around the same time as well, I was researching if I could replace my current DSLR rig with the X-Pro 1 for travel photography. Infrared photography was not part of my portfolio yet, but if, with a relatively modest investment, I could do so, all the more the better.

I did my research here and added the following to my equipment stack and workflow:

* Singh Ray IRay infrared filter

* Raw Photo Processor

It's early days yet, but I glad to mention that three resulting images manage to make the cut into my DT portfolio. Here they are:

Photo credits: Tangjans.

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September 08, 2012


Glad to hear you had good luck with your infrared photos. Infrared can be really pretty. Here is one of mine from a homemade filter.

Bishops Garden Infrared

September 05, 2012


You're right with the update fireware and the heavy use of the Fuji the problem of autofocus is relative! I see that the images have a good three-dimensionality and the white and blacks are outstanding. My problem is that my D700 with its 24 70 nikkor and the flash parable are a little heavy and bulky. Thank you for your reply, Regards

September 05, 2012


And to the rest of the readers, thank you very much for your kind comments!

September 05, 2012


Hello Concetta, thank you for your kind comments.

With regards to my impressions on the X-Pro 1, I find it light weight and appropriately sized for travel. It does not attract too much attention, especially when taped with black gaffer tape. The image quality and lenses have been commented favorably on other sites, so there is nothing much for me to add.

I believe Fuji pays attention to the feedback of its users, and as I type this, we are awaiting some kind of announcement with regards to a firmware upgrade to possibly fix the "slow autofocus" issue. Personally, it doesn't bother me so much, as I primarily shoot landscapes and the like. Like any tool, we learn to work around its limitations.

I'm happy to discuss offline if you have certain areas of clarification.

Happy shooting!

September 04, 2012


Your images look amazing...

September 04, 2012


Nice images!!! I like the effect.

September 04, 2012


Really great images!

September 04, 2012


Beautiful images, infrared photography has its own charm. The X Pro 1 is a very interesting machine, produces images with excellent accompany as silent, but many (at least in blog) complain about a very slow autofocus! It 's true? I would be grateful if you give me much information as possible on this machine or your impressions of Use! Greetings!

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