I am wondering in which format I should save and then submit illustrations made with Inkscape.

The DT-faq say: I am an illustrator; do you accept illustrations?

We love illustrations! Vector files should be saved in raster format, JPG at a high resolution, saved at highest quality and submitted in this format. As soon as they are accepted or right from the first submission you can also upload an additional format (ai, cdr or eps extensions accepted) which will sell at a higher price.

Is there anybody out there who can explain to me how I can save illustrations made with inkscape in JPG? If this is not possible, which format will be accepted on DT? Or how can I make an JPG from inkscape-format?

Thanks a lot!

Photo credits: Cristalloid.

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Inkscape won't save a JPEG directly, but you can use "Export Bitmap" to save a .png in the size and resolution you want, then convert that file to a jpeg with another program (pretty much any bitmap graphics editor, and even some viewers). PNG is a lossless format, so doing this won't result in lower quality - any loss will come from the save to JPEG.

Watch out for the transparent background, though. By default, Inkscape will make the background transparent (though you can change this in the page properties). JPEG can't preserve the transparency, so when you convert the image make sure that the transparent background gets set to a reasonable color. I usually just add an all-white layer in the back before I save the JPEG, if I haven't remembered to make the background opaque in Inkscape.


Open the SVG file with - for example - Gimp (free, open source). Save it as PNG and then as JPG. Bye, Rob.


This subject is discussed on the message boards... Here is one of them


Very impressive! Unlucky I don't know inkscape images, so I can't help you...

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