Inkscape-a great asset

I would like to dedicate this post to the makers of Inkscape - the wonderful vector illustrator program that has been a great asset in my creative journey. This along with GIMP,an image manipulation software, forms a free and formidable combination that helps amateurs like me have fun in this exciting world of digital art.

When I think about the amount of hours these people have spent in making these softwares and about the times of frustration and failure they might surely have known, it

amazes me that they were ready to give it free to the community. Keep up the great work guys! I was glad to find fellow Inkscape users at Dreamstime and would like to add their work.And if interested you can check these softwares out at &

Photo credits: Chiara Ganzer, Radek Januš, Roberto Giovannini.

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It is Surferatomico and I hope you have a gr8 experience with it ! And thanks for the comment Mani, encouragement is welcome anytime:)


Thanks for the advise, Sweet shots... Keep up the nice work.


Inkscape is Rad!


Do try it Eclecticelegance ;Each software has its own specialities and Inkscape is sure worth a try!


I have been using DrawPlus for my illustrations, but since I have heard so many good things about Inkscape here, I am going to give it a try!


Thanks Rob! Will try to keep up the pace:)


Hi Matabraham! I love Inkscape (& Gimp): for an amateur like me it is perfect! You have a nice portfolio: keep uploading and good luck! Bye, Rob.

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