Inkscape: A great vector program, but some mistakes


I am using the German version of Inkscape. It is a great vector graphic program, with a lot of good features. There are different formats to save. You can create round edges, delete, submit and form pathes, there is a tool to create stars, polygons and the wonderful calligraphy tool. For Gimp users is Inkscape a little different, mainly the color section works different. At first you have to choose a form e.g. a square or an elliptical form and then you choose the color. Of course there are a lot of level functions. I cannot in a blog entry describe all functions. But one of the best functions are the filters. There are lots of material and pattern filters: you can create beautiful borders, animal furs and skins, marbled textures, glass and so on. But something unfortunately doesn' t work: These are the flame and stonewall filters. I have only tested the German version, but I think that perhaps is no version, where it is working. Also another person had tried it on his pc, and had the same result, that some filters are not working. In the case of the stonewall filter, my whole image was away and I saw only an empty white page. In the case of the flame filter nothing happened. No effect, simply nothing. It seems to me important, to write about it, because at first I was thinking, that I have a mistake by using Inkscape. But it is free open source and sometimes this programs are not working to 100 percent. These are good programs and I like the people, who are without any purchasing (only donations) offer these great programs. I am hoping for a new version, in which these filters are full functional. I will try to report the inkscape developers this problem. I love stonewalls and it is interesting, to create them.



Photo credits: Martina Ledermann.

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